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insurance Insurance  

To travel with insurance is highly recommended. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not have one. We are able to provide you the cost to get travel insurance when visiting Myanmar.



Myanmar is highly influenced by its climate, totally Tropical with significant rainfall during the months of June, July, August and September.


perchas con ropaClothes  

Keeping in mind that the weather in these countries, characterized by high temperatures, it is necessary to carry very fresh and light clothing.



Because of the strict ban –Only in Myanmar- of entering any place where it is Buddha, with shoes (temples, monasteries, pagodas …), it will be essential to have sandals, we will be very comfortable in those days when we visit Buddhist temples especially in Bagan.

Repellent Giveaway Aids West Nile BattleMosquitos  

It is essential to take a good insect repellent and sprayed several times a day.



first_aid_kitMedicines and others  

Being an underdeveloped country, can be very useful to carry from our home country, a small kit that includes the most essential medicines today, type Paracetamol, Loperamide type (anti-diarrheal), Type Zithromax (antibiotic-diarrheal).


To travel to Myanmar, there is not mandatory vaccination against any disease. However, we recommend going to the nearest International Vaccine Centre to be advised by professionals.


dollarCurrency and others  

It is not accepted dollars marked, damaged, bent … or those who are of the CB series. Generally, Traveller’s cheques are not accepted in Myanmar, only work for a few hotels. Credits Card, Visa Card , Master Card are accepted hotels , shopping mall and some souvenir shops in all highlight destinations in Myanmar. Nowadays there are ATM’s available in Myanmar, Ks 5000 transaction fee cash withdrawals with limit of Ks 300,000 per transaction and daily maximum amount of withdraw is Ks 1,000,000 subject to the limit set up by the issuing bank.

*Note: We recommend to bring some extra cash of US dollar in case of technical problems of machines as Myanmar is a developing country.